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August: Moving through the s**t

Did you notice that August has felt "off" or perhaps intense so far? Maybe you have been having a sense of something changing, but you weren't quite sure what it was. Or you felt that something big was coming but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Well you can thank the New Moon in Leo and the Lion's Gate Portal and the fact that they occurred on the same day, Aug 8th, 2021. 8/8...infinity squared. Abundance tenfold.. okay 8 fold.

This day was about things coming to a head, manifestation, release and moving through the s**t. The stubborn, "I know what I need" often intense energy of Leo forcing us to look ahead and make changes for the months ahead. The changes that you asked for when the the Lion's Gate Portal was at it's peak.

It may be intense, but friend, aren't you ready for that shift right about now? I know that you are tired of sitting in limbo. This is the beauty of August as it is about transitioning out of that limbo.

The magic of 8 is ever so present my readings lately as well, with just about the eight of each suit showing up in EVERY reading. With that kind of serendipity, I had to write about what it means. Perhaps there is a card that resonates with you. Let's go through what they mean.

Eight of Pentacles- This is one of my most favourite cards in the whole wide world because it signifies the start of change via organization and prioritization. With this card, you are clearly taking the steps to get your shizzle together. You contemplating what is really necessary to keep in your life and what can go; you are essentially taking inventory and getting rid of the outdated stock.

Eight of Cups- Abundance is yours as you continue to move into fulfilling your dreams and wishes. You are contemplative about making the move, "do I stay where it is not so bad? Or do I leave this behind for what is really mine?" It may seem like you are leaving a solid foundation, but look closely and you will see that your current situation is fluid and moves as you move. This is a perfect time to step into all that you have been working towards. Walk into it and don't look back

Eight of Swords- The pain you feel is sometimes palpable but in order to move through this, you have to sit with it for a bit, understand where it is coming from and why. This is a really hard thing to do especially if you are used to running from it. You feel heavy right now, but remember that it doesn't belong to you any more. Sit with it, sit in it and say goodbye to as the pain is a reflection of who you used to be.

Eight of Wands- You have been feeling scattered and off kilter of late and trying to bring your energy back to center. Time to organize your thoughts and energies as you move into the amazing shizzle coming your way. Do your best to release the doubt that you deserve the goodness because that energy may slow the process. This belongs to you; go get it!!

Deck used: The Lightseer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

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