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My Top 6 Stones for staving off bad Juju

I don't know about you peeps, but the first six months of 2022 have be a crapshoot. There has been this crazy shift in energy that everyone has been feeling and it can be challenging to navigate these energies. I am no different as I find myself constantly working to protect my shit from the other shit.

Whether you are doing energy work, or trying protect your shit, it always helps to have some extra magic available to you to get through it.

Given the recent energy in the world, I thought that I would share my top 6 protection stones. I am picking six instead of five since 6 is the number of harmony and healing.

6. Obsidian

My daughter recently bought me a black Obsidian wand. Not only is it gorgeous, it is super powerful. It is basically lava that has been cooled too quickly making it an great stone for grounding after energy work. Obsidian allows you to transmute the negative energy of others so that you don't carry it with you after your encounter. Great stone to keep in an office or work space or wear as a piece of jewelry. There are many colours of Obsidian, that have the same effect but work a bit differently.

5. Jet

Years ago I was gifted a beautiful piece of jet from my mother-in-law. I kept it in my office at work and it had come in handy for myself and my colleagues as the running joke became "grab the jet!" Like Obsidian, Jet can transform negative energy coming your way as well as creating a shield from it. It is best to sit with it and allow it to absorb the kaka while envisioning yourself surrounded by white light.

4. Turquoise

I was always drawn to this stone because of its unique colour and vibe, but my appreciation of this stone grew once I discovered its many protective and restorative properties.

Just looking at a piece of turquoise gives one a sense of calm, relaxation, and safety, which makes it perfect for those who want to use the piece during meditation and journaling. When it comes to protection, it was thought by the ancient Egyptians to keep one safe from accidents, which makes it the perfect stone to keep in your car or on your person while traveling.

3. Selenite

When you get a hold of this stone, you won't want to let it go. One can never have enough of this beauty. For those doing energy work, it is imperative that this is kept in your toolbox.

It provides energetic protection by clearing and cleansing negative energy around it. It is fantastic for aligning chakra fields, opening intuition, and reviving stale energy pockets. Keep pieces of it throughout your home as a negative energy vacuum.

2. Clear Quartz

This crystal works to transmute negative energy, meaning it can absorb the bad juju and send it back as a positive, loving vibe. It is very versatile in its use as it also assists with clarity to the third eye by opening intuition and clearing negative blocks. You can keep a piece of this near you plants, in your bedroom (away from the sleeping area), or wear it as a necklace or bracelet for protection all day everyday.

1. Black Tourmaline

This sexy stone has recently become one of my favourite stones for staving off bad juju which is why I have made it my top choice. I keep it in my car around the rearview mirror, some at my front door and I use it in my readings and clearings. Black Tourmaline, has the ability to practically cloak its user protecting it from negative energy. while grounding them into the present. It is also great for easing anxiety and nervousness. To me this is the heavy hitter, the granddaddy of the protective stones out there.

Well there you have it; my top six stones that I like to keep for protection from negative juju.

here are a few of my favourite suppliers.

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Outside the GTA

Much love to you!

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